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About Unang Araw


Lucy sets off to her first day in school.  She is at first intimidated by all of the unfamiliar people she sees. Her fear is replaced by excitement when she notices the candy stand near the school gate. She forgets to bring her stroller as she goes over there to see what the vendor is selling. The first school bell rings and the kids hurry back to the classrooms. Lucy gets caught in the rush when she suddenly remembers her bag. Luckily, a kind boyscout named Gelo comes to her aid. He retrieves her bag and shows her the way to her classroom.


Film Background

Unang Araw is a short animated collaboration by Hiyasmin de Guzman and Titam. Using the latest animation technology, the two weave this charming, short tale of first day of school adventures.  They take inspiration from the public school setting in the Philippines to instill the universal values of kindness and helping others.